SHOP-2-BOX adds convenience to your shopping experience and allows you to customize and tailor your package according to your loved ones needs and wants. It allows you to personalize you package and add items that you would otherwise not find on Kare Krate.  The coolest aspect of SHOP-2-BOX is that it lets you enjoy sales directly through independent retailers, use Coupons and shop with any form of payment the retailer accepts including EBT. Your only cost to use this service is a low cost Flat Rate service fee of $20. This fee take cares of packing materials, gas and the fee we pay to our Boxers. Whether you choose to shop Kare Krate for any of our stocked items you pay one (1) Flat Rate Shipping Charge regardless of what facility your loved one is in. Our aim and hope is to be the lower cost alternative and while we are a business and businesses exist to make money, it is the goal of Kare Krate thru our Kare Krate Kares initiative to be an ally to our Incarcerated friends and their loved ones thru out NY State.